Why i made a blog.

I made this blog to show my viewers what I do in my daily life by showing them new ways to reach there goals and to show them that even a 17 year old teenager can do it. What makes me happy is that I get a chance to share my story with you guys and try to be the best I can be.

Iā€™m MrBlogger and I hope you enjoyed.

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How to earn crypto for free.


Steemit is a website that pays its users in a crypto called steem and steem power for posting pictures, blogs, and info about there daily lives. The current price of steem is 2.38$ and is expected to grow this year in 2018.

I started steemit in february this year and have earned fifty dollars and gained 270 followers in just a few months. I also have made several friends on steemit who have helped me out a lot and made my upvote worth more on there. But wait what is a upvote, an upvote is a like but worth money so if i like your post it could be worth 2 cents or a 1$ depending on how much steem power i have.

If you would like to join steemit and want to follow me, my name on there is tornadoman and i would be glad to help you start earning and make your first few dollars.